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Dating a librarian

“Atlas of fifteen miles around Washington, including the counties of Fairfax and Alexandria, Virginia / compiled and published from actual surveys by G. Period: 1867 to 1950 Scale: Plot, Street, Neighborhood, Town or City Locations: Urban areas in the northeastern United States Systems Present: Urban form, transportation, economy Map Sources: Library of Congress, Small local collections – ask your librarian (click for larger version) Town of Madison, Wisconsin Land Economic Inventory (Bordner Survey), 1939, Local ID: Eco Nat Res. Dan18.bib, University of Wisconsin Digital Collection. Beginning in 1929 and running until 1947, the Wisconsin Land Economic Inventory set out to document the current and potential land use in every part of Wisconsin, so areas like abandoned farms and cutover forest could be put to productive use.These maps are useful in that they document the history of the Wisconsin landscape during the Depression era.As one of the most useful research tools in environmental history, maps use vivid, visual information to tell vast stories about place, space, and time in a relatively small format.By peeling away the “layers” within maps, you will be able to uncover this valuable information and use it to build and support arguments in your research.The original land survey plat maps are enriched with written descriptions of the landscapes included in the surveyor’s notes.This is one of the most important map resources for historical landscape research.

These images were popular from about 1860 until aerial photography rendered them obsolete in the 1920s.

To gain perspective, it is useful to include information about the area from times before the target date as well.

Multiple factors may be playing roles in the environmental processes you are observing.

The Sanborn Map Company produced maps in many cities in the United States. Use them to observe change over time in urban areas. Hopkins founded a publishing house in Philadelphia that initially produced county atlases. Hopkins Company maps are plat maps that illustrate property owners, structural landmarks (like churches and cemeteries), transportation infrastructure, and bodies of water.

Period: 1867 to 1950 Scale: Plot, Street, Neighborhood, Town or City Locations: Urban areas in the United States Systems Present: Architecture and urban society, Transportation, Economy Map Sources: Library of Congress; Wisconsin Historical Society; Yale Map Library; Other local collections Return to Top of Page (click for larger version) Hopkins, Griffith Morgan. Library of Congress Digital Collections ID: g3850 ct000164. Over the years, they shifted their focus to city plans and atlases and produced more than 175 city and county atlases for New England, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. This map series also shows dimensions of lots, widths of streets, and names of property owners.

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Period: ~1860 to ~1920 Scale: Neighborhood, Town or City, Landscape Locations: Urban areas Systems Present: Urban society, transportation, economy, landforms Map Sources: Library of Congress; several smaller local collections (click for larger version) NAPP Roll: 5420 Frame: 32 (rotated 0 degrees), U. Geological Survey In the 1930s, aerial photography changed the way we view the landscape.

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