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At this moment in time, it is also unclear if the page takedowns are specifically related to the content on the Patreon page or related to the content from the game itself.Most of the accounts that have received suspensions had open incest or sexual content on their page itself, but the wording of the guidelines as well as the changes required to bring suspended accounts back implies concern regarding content in the game itself.

We’ve reached out to Patreon for comment about the changes to their policy, as well as for clarification regarding some of their statements.So far the suspensions have been limited, and it is not at all clear to what extent Patreon plans to take it.The fact that Patreon has left open a path for suspended accounts to come back online is also worth noting.The following statement has been posted by the chatbot on the f95 Discord every few hours: Lewd Gamer cannot confirm at this time that such steps will be sufficient to protect developers from action; however, an unconfirmed number of developers have stated both on and off the record that they have gone out of their way to clean up their Patreon pages of risky content.For example, Luxee, the developer of Others are urging patience and to avoid panic.

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