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Not receiving any errors, just not seeing any change in the charts. I've even tried to update the links with vba; but again I don't see any changes.Do you need more information to even comment on this issue?The Ribbon tab says "Chart Tools" now, instead of "Pivot Chart Tools".Next, you can link the chart to a different pivot table.

The good news is that with the OFFSET function, you can create a dynamic rolling chart that refreshes your charts far more easily than adjusting cell references or deleting the old data.

The Chart Web Part also offers you the choice between connecting directly to the actual list, or connecting to the list web part that you've put on the page.

If you connect to the web part, then you get the added benefit of a dynamic chart - filtering the list in the web part instantly filters the chart to the same data, but the drawback is that the chart's axes can only be linked to columns actually displayed in that view (connecting to the actual list lets you use any column for your axes).

The Enterprise version of Share Point 2010 has a Chart Web Part under the Business Data category, and is a very simple OOTB solution for this.

It can connect to any list on your site and, while it won't automatically refresh if you're viewing it when someone else modifies an item in the connected list, it does generate the chart in realtime whenever you load the page.

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